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How YouTube made video accessible to all.

Written by Andy Green
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We live in an internet age. Your granny can Skype, your auntie Flo adores Facebook and your mum finally got her head around itunes. It's exciting times.

Many moons ago, in the year 2000, Tony Blair promised computers to everyone and we're nearly there. Not only do most people now have access to a computer, but many of use have 24/7 web access through mobiles, tablets and cameras. Through the power of the internet, people across the planet can communicate, share, teach and learn.

One of the most exciting parts of this technological advancement is the ease with which we can now share videos. There are many websites where you can share homemade and professional videos, but right now, YouTube is still the most successful and it's really easy to use.

YouTube came along at a time when information sharing was about to go viral and now with just the click of a button, you too can share your music, comedy, rants, raves and whatever else, by uploading a video to the site. Not only can you upload a video to YouTube but you can then share it via other social media platforms.

As YouTube develops more and more amazing features, the ability to shoot and share becomes easier. You can now create your own video playlists, subscribe to your favourite YouTubers, have your own YouTube channel http://bit.ly/sDKKnw and catch up on the shows you love but missed! And none of this is difficult, eh my 10 year old can do it... okay, she can't, because I'm her Dad and I'm a little over protective, but she wishes she could! It's so easy and it's so perfect and it means you can spend all night (away from the telly) looking for your favourite musicians and comedians and find yourself going off on a great video journey and finding all sorts of new stuff.

Youtube is more than lunch or late evening amusement and for business owners, YouTube is a great way to brand and define your business and present it to the world. You can capture and represent so much more with video and now, this tool is accessible to everyone.

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