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Using video for staff recruitment, induction and training

Written by Andy Green
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Video is becoming a huge part of our online lives, part in thanks to our increasing familiarity with sites like Facebook and Youtube that allow us to watch videos and share them with our friends and families. So, it makes perfect sense that visual communication is now entering the workplace as an important tool for staff recruitment, induction and training.

The sourcing and training of new employees can be a hugely costly and time consuming business, no matter what industry you are involved in. By developing and then incorporating video into your HR procedures, you can streamline and automate many of the processes that cost valuable time and money. As an added but important bonus, video training can build consistency - sending the same message and reinforcing the ethos of the company, the same way, every time. After all, a good work ethic and an enthusiastic and informed workforce is crucial in maintaining the highest quality work your employees can offer.

Video is a valuable medium for staff recruitment, induction and training because:

  • It can act as a very effective advertisement for the business in a way that a newspaper advert never could. Adding a video to your online vacancies page could make a real difference to attracting good candidates.
  • It can clearly demonstrate processes and techniques – very handy for manual roles.
  • It sends out a consistent corporate message, particularly if all videos are branded.
  • It can be very cost effective compared with face to face training.
  • It can tackle difficult or complex subjects in a way which engages the viewer.
  • It can be used to train and inform regarding any new company news or product launch.

There are a number of ways to use video communication – the most obvious being via the company website, intranet (secure and private) or DVD, depending on your current IT set up. These days, the production of video is much faster and much more affordable due to ever developing technology. The hosting and distribution of those videos is also so much more flexible - all kinds of video formats can now be streamed on corporate web sites, in video blogs, emailed to staff etc. Of course, if you don't have a company intranet or prefer to keep things offline, DVDs are just as good and can be accessed if and when the internet isn't available. Don't forget that video is also a fantastic way to connect and stay in touch with remote staff or to provide training at a distance

There are so many ways for a company or organisation to use online video for communication, marketing and training! And remember, thanks to the popularity of video sharing sites, like YouTube, people have now grown to accept video online and they're watching more than ever. Your competitors will also be aware of this, so act now and don't get left behind. Get in touch with Leagus Video today to discuss your ideas.

Training video sample: http://youtu.be/OEWxek1isok

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