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Videos For Universities – Give Your Campus The Edge

Written by Andy Green
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Video is a great way to represent a school, college or university. First and foremost, if you are aiming to entice and educate the next generation, then you need to be on the ball in terms of technology and right now, video is at the forefront of information sharing, branding and promotion.

As a university, you are looking to attract a global audience. A promotional video can represent your campus and facilities both on and offline, engaging viewers on the main video search engines such as YouTube and Vimeo and being showcased at open days on and off campus. The beauty of video is that by the click of a button, a detailed description and virtual tour of your university can be sent via email to schools, colleges and prospective students. It can also be downloaded onto disc or USB flash drive, so it's portable and convenient.

From an international viewpoint, it's likely that few foreign students will be available to attend open days or visit your campus prior to submitting an application. By using video you can present a visual experience that words and photographs simply cannot convey and this way, set yourself apart from your main competitors. A well edited video should give the viewer an accurate sense of your facilities, a very close second to an actual visit.

We talk a lot at Leagus about how video is raising companies' search ranking potential. Research also shows that a video search result will capture more interest and clicks than a non-video result. A promotional video will serve many purposes for your university or college. Not only can you upload it to video search engines but when displayed on your website with the right optimisation, a video is far more likely to generate a high page ranking on a search than a site with no video at all.

So to summarise, the top three reasons your university need to be using video as a promotional tool are:

  • Search Engine Power
  • Global Reach
  • Branding – represent YOUR campus YOUR way

See The University of Huddersfield video at: http://www.hud.ac.uk/international

To talk about promotional video for a school, college or university, contact Leagus on: 0845 430 3133 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Andy Green

Andy Green

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