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Why video promotion?

Written by Andy Green
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Video is a probably the easiest and most economical way to promote your services. With the right script and production team, you can produce a video that can market your product or services across the globe or Huddersfield!

  • Editing – What usually takes you half an hour to explain in person can be edited into a short promotional video. There's a lot to be said about the power of combined visuals, text and audio. Love your facilities, want to tell the world? Film them. Want to describe about your product range? Film them. The camera doesn't lie which is what you want when it comes to authentic products and services.
  • Online and Offline opportunities – The beauty of video is in the ease of sharing. Video can be downloaded, emailed and shared across the internet, taking your brand recognition further than ever before.
  • Search Engine Savvy – The internet favours video right now. The right video means better search engine ranking and a higher click through rate.
  • Global Reach – Can't make every single trade show and conference this year? Use a promotional, corporate or talking head video to present your brand at all events.
  • Sales pitch – Show people your wares and let them see the benefits of your product. Text based content both on and offline can be useful, but the power of video promotion lies in clients being able to see and understand your services first hand.
  • Get to the Point – Highlight the key aspects of your services in a way text cannot. The right production company will ensure a well edited video that highlights grabs the viewer's attention from the get go.
  • Think about your services. What are the key characteristics that you want to market? A video cuts down on pages of content and sales pitches. Highlight what sets you apart from your competition and harness power of film.
Andy Green

Andy Green

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