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Tuesday, 30 July 2013 11:35

Too busy to blog...

I know it's been a while since my last blog and to be honest I have a long list of excuses of why it's been ages. 14 months to be exact. The truth is we've been busy, very busy. Busy with clients both new and old and like most businesses, when you get busy, social media, blogging and eating and the like tend to take a back seat. The demand for video has been on the increase since the beginning of the year and it's still growing. Which is great news. Don't get me wrong, we're not at full capacity yet.

Rather than continuing to make excuses, I thought it best you see what we've been up to and see a few projects.



  • PR agency, Grayling North wanted a promo video that would tell people visiting their web site what they do and how well they do it well. http://youtu.be/hF40AT8mooU We've since produced 4 further videos and are now Graylings video company of choice.
  • James Walker. Not an easy job to explain and equally, the brief was hard to get our head around. In brief, James Walker make specialist engineering components that sit miles under the North Sea. They maintain system and prevent accidents. Simple. See video for a better explanation: http://youtu.be/tA_bAYC_pbQ
  • Cheesy video with our friends at Sharp. Helping them deliver a series of videos for their client Best Western Hotels. Not only were the videos well received they've gone on to form one of the most successful campaigns produced. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N09PfqpZzWo&list=PLkDIFQGwY9a7P88_w2RueX-3fncv0P2bM&index=1
  • We've also been helping out our little sister company Video Advert. http://www.videoadvert.co.uk She's a fresh faced kid, but has she got some big ideas. At first, most don't take her seriously, but she talks a good game and bless her, she's bringing in the bacon. Quick example. Photographer wants to be found online in Leeds. People search in Google and there you go, the guy gets found on page 1 of Google. I know, she's good. Take a look. http://tinyurl.com/l9vr538

Apparently, she's got one of those Facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Video-Advert/470345706380256

Finally, we've also found a counter part that shares our name. LEAGUS a up-and-coming rap artist. He looks a lovely lad. To be fair his video content tends to be a better than ours! http://youtu.be/8icuAVGA6uI

Well that's it. I'll have to get back to that long list. Take care and I promise not to leave it too late next time, although you never know who's likely to call!!

Ring, ring...

Friday, 01 June 2012 10:35

How To Be A Good Presenter.

It's one thing to create a corporate video to market your product, service or cause but it's another entirely to star in said video.

As a busy video production company we see a lot of people on set with extreme nerves once the camera starts rolling, but it is very rare that these people do a bad job. In fact nerves help build the momentum you need to shine on camera. That extra adrenalin rush usually eliminates memory loss, stuttering and the shakes and gives you the push to do a really great job.

If you are planning on making a video and hoping to star in it too, here are our tips on how to be a great presenter:

  • Smile – number one rule of presenting, everything sounds and looks better when presented with a smile. To ensure your smile doesn't look fake or forced, drop it every few minutes (when the camera is not rolling) and do some mouth stretching.
  • Posture – stand up straight, shoulders back, not only does this look more professional but it will help with clear delivery.
  • Script Balance – you ought to have a clear idea of what you will say on screen but you do not want to come across as too robotic. There is a fine line between sounding scripted and natural. Practice your script in front of the mirror and try to feel comfortable adlibbing, conveying the same message but with different words. If you are starring alongside a colleague, be sure that you have rehearsed together. If you want to sound more conversational, be prepared to adlib and remember, it's video production not a theatre performance, you can have another take!
  • Support Person – If you are having a hard time sounding natural on camera and are producing a talking head video try going for a different approach. Invite a colleague to ask you relevant questions and answer them as if you were in conversation.
  • Voice – speak more slowly than usual, work on your enunciation, don't use slang and keep an even tone. If you use a lot of hand gestures, keep them to a minimum so that you do not divert attention away from what you are saying. If working with other people on screen, adjust your body language towards them and listen, or at least look like you are listening. Even if your mind is racing, try and appear like you are in a genuine conversation, nod quietly, smile and look engaged.
  • Video Production Company – they are the professionals, so rely on them. If you have chosen the right company, they have done this a million times. Tell them you are nervous and ask for some tips, they are there to help make you feel comfortable.
  • Breathe – breathing and talking in a low voice tricks your nervous system into thinking it is fine. Breathe deeply to maintain composure.

Right now, online video production is the key to successful marketing campaigns, so it's worth biting the bullet, swallowing the nerves and getting on screen. Remember, practice makes perfect and video production companies are there to help you, not let you falter. Good Luck.

You like the idea of online video but you have a few questions. Contact the professionals at Leagus Video. It costs nothing to ask and we'll do our best to answer your concerns. Stuart Ramsey did: http://youtu.be/YJKanLsX8Ns

It's a case of the age old adage 'if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to see it, does it make a sound?' The same analogy could be applied to videos. You may have made a terrific video, but if no one is watching it, does it make for effective promotion?

How Do You Keep Your Audience Engaged?

  • Keep the video short, especially if it is for online use. Statistics show us that after the first 60 second of a video the viewing figures will drop. That's not to say that you need to speak really fast or produce a 1 minute infomercial, but just be aware that you need to make an impression and quickly.
  • Know your audience. Do you know who you are talking to? If you know your sample customer and the demographics of the clients you want to engage, then make your video for them. Have a focus group that can help with an edit. Do everything you can to appeal to the people you know will want your product.
  • Keep it professional. Sometimes talking heads videos from a home office can work, but don't take the risk. Use your budget to get a well edited, well scripted video that will impress people.
  • Share. Make sure your video is hosted on all the social media platforms. YouTube is the main medium for videos but there are other platforms that will help spread awareness of your video. If the video is on your website, share the url everywhere you can.
  • SEO. This is key if your video is for online use. Don't rely on luck, use a video SEO specialist to make sure your video is as visible as possible on the net.
  • Location. Where on your site should you put the video? Somewhere people can see it of course and the best place for that is the homepage.

Following this simple advice will help you produce a video people can find, want to watch and want to share. Get it right and this could be the most valuable marketing tool you have.

You like the idea of online video but you have a few questions . Contact the professionals at Leagus Video. It costs nothing to ask and we'll do our best to answer your concerns.

The key to maximising this budget is spending it on tools that will gain you the most exposure.

Online video production is fast becoming THE way to increase your visibility with potential customers. I have mentioned before about how well video does in the online search engines.

An internet user is far more likely to click on a video link than a text based result. A video also has more chance of appearing nearer the top of search engine results than a non-video based link. This is why spending your web based budget on professional video production is going to help you gain more visibility.

To ensure you are creating online video that will work for your brand, talk to a video production company that specialises in this area. They will understand what it takes to engage customers and work to a tight budget whilst still producing a professional and well edited video. They should also understand how best to optimise a video for online use. You want to get this right so that you can maximise its viewing potential.

The beauty of video is in its sharing possibilities. There are many social media platforms for video sharing, sites such as YouTube and Flickr. Not only does this increase the video's reach in terms of potential audience, it also increases the link value of the video which means search engines will view it more favourably.

If you do attend trade shows and exhibitions, video is a useful tool and can represent your product, cause or company when engaging lots of people face to face can be difficult. Emailing a video is also a plausible marketing tool and a link can be added to your email signature.

When the internet is full of reams and reams of text based content, a video is what is going to make you stand out from the crowd. Having a video on your homepage or the right landing page is also going to grab people's attention.

The power of corporate videos is now. Make it work for your small business.

In a sea of websites, newsletters and social media platforms, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. In fact there can be times when as a customer, you feel like you are reading the same content over and over again and distinguishing one company's product from another can be hard work.

Video is swiftly becoming the easiest way to engage customers. The beauty of video is in its ability to highlight your business' unique qualities with both precision and creativity. When it comes to representing your business, nothing beats video for giving a client an authentic insight into your company and product.

  • Video does really well on the search engines. Optimised correctly, a video can generate better search results that it's textual contemporaries and earn a higher click through rate than non- video results.
  • Want to summarise what you do? Put pages and pages of text into a five minute video and make it quicker and easier for your customers to understand and interact with your services.
  • Trying to engage new supporters? Send them a promotional video. Not only will it save them trawling through more written word, they are more likely to open the link in the first place.
  • Ambience. A lot can be lost in non-verbal communication and sometimes your text can come across as generic. With the right set, script and editing, you can give your customers a more dependable awareness of what you have to offer.
  • Authority. You want people to use your product and look to you as the authority in your industry. Video will help you get to the point, move up the search engines and increase your reach.

Now is the time to harness the power of video. Step ahead of your contemporaries and produce accessible information an audience wants to see. By using video, you can distinguish your company from the crowd, it's as easy as saying 'action'.

Thursday, 22 March 2012 15:09

Great corporate video

The best way to create a great corporate video is to work with the right production company. As with any working relationship especially a creative one, you need to make sure that you and your team are working towards the same objectives.

Before you even begin to make your film, you will need to finalise and confirm;

  • Your goals for the video and where you intend to display it (online, trade shows, conferences)
  • Your primary target audience
  • Your budget & timeframe
  • Your promotional plans
  • How you will measure its success

This is information that your production company will need to know, so having it prepared is going to be very helpful. Once the team has this information they should put together a production plan that you can easily follow. If they don't do this then ask them to.

You may already have ideas of exactly how you want to execute the production. You may have a script, a location and even a style of editing in mind. Bring this to the table when you chat with the production team, they will appreciate the input and it will all help with getting the final edit you want to see. Be prepared to throw around ideas, that's how you get the best creative results.

What makes a great corporate video?

A great video is one that gains exposure, but how do you go about making the perfect promotional tool?

  1. First and foremost – AUTHENTICITY. Genuine information presented in a likeable way is attractive to prospective customers. This doesn't mean boring, if your product is a good one, you can make a great video.
  2. Be personal – people love stories, they connect with a beginning, middle and end. Show character, if it's a talking head video, don't be afraid to be yourself and show some emotion.
  3. Grab attention – be it location, demonstration or editing, make a video that people want to stop, watch and share.
  4. Showcase your product – demonstration videos mean a lot more than words on a page where products are involved, this is where a 5 minute video speaks a thousand words.
  5. Remember the powerful combination of visuals, audio and text and use all three.

When you make a video, you are giving yourself the chance to engage directly with thousands of customers. Do it right and your ROI will be tenfold.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012 10:50

Why video promotion?

Video is a probably the easiest and most economical way to promote your services. With the right script and production team, you can produce a video that can market your product or services across the globe or Huddersfield!

  • Editing – What usually takes you half an hour to explain in person can be edited into a short promotional video. There's a lot to be said about the power of combined visuals, text and audio. Love your facilities, want to tell the world? Film them. Want to describe about your product range? Film them. The camera doesn't lie which is what you want when it comes to authentic products and services.
  • Online and Offline opportunities – The beauty of video is in the ease of sharing. Video can be downloaded, emailed and shared across the internet, taking your brand recognition further than ever before.
  • Search Engine Savvy – The internet favours video right now. The right video means better search engine ranking and a higher click through rate.
  • Global Reach – Can't make every single trade show and conference this year? Use a promotional, corporate or talking head video to present your brand at all events.
  • Sales pitch – Show people your wares and let them see the benefits of your product. Text based content both on and offline can be useful, but the power of video promotion lies in clients being able to see and understand your services first hand.
  • Get to the Point – Highlight the key aspects of your services in a way text cannot. The right production company will ensure a well edited video that highlights grabs the viewer's attention from the get go.
  • Think about your services. What are the key characteristics that you want to market? A video cuts down on pages of content and sales pitches. Highlight what sets you apart from your competition and harness power of film.
Wednesday, 29 February 2012 12:09

Why video builds better business

Once upon a time, online videos were all about pretty pictures that told a story. And sometimes those pictures weren't so pretty: fuzzy images, poor camera work, ill-considered scripts and poor download speeds meant that online video often presented more barriers than benefits. Now, digital video is a powerful and affordable marketing tool – and the prospects are promising. Here are a couple of good reasons why, with tips for getting the best possible returns.

1. Technology makes quality video viable.

Broadband changed the world of online video. It allowed the sharing of quality video that better reflected business identities and, along with mobile technology, triggered the vast proliferation of video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube was once the domain of teens and techies at lunch and leisure. Now, particularly with the superfast growth in mobile technology, 1.5 million business searches on YouTube every day make it the world's second biggest search engine – and it's growing month by month. As well as broadband, search engine optimisation (SEO) technology has turned online video into a highly efficient traffic generator. A professional online video producer can optimise video with key words and other devices that catapult the site up the search engine ratings, raising visibility and, crucially, generating greater revenue for the site owner.

2. Business decision makers prefer video.

97% of people visit a website before even speaking to a potential supplier so whatever the products or service you offer, your website really is your global shop window. But today's businesspeople are time-poor and want the right information as quickly and easily as possible. Video demands minimal effort from the viewer yet communicates a huge amount of information very quickly. It's perhaps no big surprise, then, that 83% of B2B decision makers are watching more online videos than 12 months ago, 63% head for a business's website after watching its video and are then more likely to make that all-important order or call. And although time is precious, your video is far more likely to hold decision makers' attention than the average 60 second visit for non-video sites. Video makes your website 'stickier' - and a sticky site is a successful site!

So the last decade has seen a complete transformation in online video. From a fun website add-on, it's grown into a communication resource that people want, expect and trust – and a marketing powerhouse that fuels your SEO and feeds your sales pipeline. Using video well may mean rethinking and re-integrating your entire marketing strategy, from web and social media to print and presentations, but you can be sure of one thing... In an ever-wakeful world, where mobile communications mean that business and potential customers are switched on 24/7, online video creates a powerful connection, placing your sales messages directly in the palms of millions.

Written by Andy Green, Managing Director, Leagus Video

Friday, 10 February 2012 12:38

What is a talking head video?

A talking head video is an informational video created by filming one person talking straight into the camera.

As videos become more and more useful in the online arena, using this medium offers a lot of advantages from relationship building to increasing conversion rates. The added advantage of video is in its offline benefits, a talking head video can be also downloaded on to a laptop or smart phone and presented at business and network events.

If you were considering investing in video or were hoping to shoot and edit yourself, here are a few reasons why this great idea is probably best produced by a professional company.

  • First Impressions Count - Video gives a first impression like no other. It helps build trust and familiarity when clients can see your face, hear your voice and if you film at home under the stairs or in the spare bedroom (as many bloggers do) This may present an amateur image. People always do more business with those they already trust. So it's important to get it right.
  • Inexpensive - For such a useful tool, a talking head video is probably the best option for you in terms of budget. With the right script, you can convey your message for very little money and the benefits will be significant. There is no elaborate set and no props are required compared to the usual full blown corporate videos.
  • Conversion - Not only will you see more purchases if you sell a product, but videos usually increase interaction on websites. You will hear from customers and readers who might not otherwise contribute.
  • Relationships - A lot like first impressions and conversion, videos, especially talking head videos which seem even more personal, help build relationships between you and your viewer. Instead of building a persona through words, a talking head video does what those twenty blog posts do - but in much less time!
  • Information - Get to the point. With a talking head video you can address the information you need to and add emphasis in ways that the written word cannot. If you usually write instructional copy, accompanying it with video is very useful for your readers and your search engines. If your product has certain benefits, show them on film. A lot of people skim read, with video the information is right in front of them and easy to follow.
  • Convenience - A video can be downloaded and put on a USB drive, emailed and presented even when you are not there. If your presenter is good at talking and engaging, using a talking head video as a promotional tool is an effective but inexpensive way to increase your brand's reach.
  • Search Ranking - A properly optimised video will increase your search engine ranking by approximately 50%. Most internet marketers agree that a video result will receive more interest than a text based result.

Even if you are a great networker and presenter, you are likely limited to the amount of meetings and presentations you can attend. A talking head video will do the extra work for you both on and off line. This is a worthy medium, you will get far more from a video than the energy, time and money needed to make it. Remember, if you do decide to use video for online marketing purposes, it needs to be properly optimised.

See talking head samples at: http://bit.ly/ArKQAL

Monday, 06 February 2012 09:53

Avoid the YouTube Black Hole

Most companies now have a website, and most use the web to either sell their products and services or promote them. Video is a great way to engage an audience. The single most powerful way of promoting your company is through testimonials, using the opinions of real people that have worked with you before and are happy to tell the world how great you are. Most companies use this form of marketing as soon as they get a happy client. They add a case study and publish both on their site, along with other forms of collateral. To be effective, they need to be well written, short and to the point. However, most are not, meaning the person that reads them turns off after a short while – this is where video takes over.

Video content is engaging. There's an old saying that 'people need to talk to people', and it's true. What you have written over six pages of A4, you can get across in less than a minute with minimal involvement from your potential customer. This can be hosted on your website and include any number of calls to action. It's also very useful as a demonstration for your products – just glance through YouTube to find demonstrations of everything from turning on a vacuum cleaner to how to build a nuclear bunker.

With a sharp increase in video for web comes a sharp increase in video production companies. Type 'video for web' into a search bar and see just how many companies are available. Three years ago there were just a few of us, now every Tom, Dick and Hitchcock who knows how to point a camera and use a cheap editing suite will try to convince you of their 'creativity' and what's more, just how little you need to spend. Now here's the thing. You have different spectra: the expensive, the competitive and the super competitive. If you care about your brand, you should certainly avoid a company that offers you a video for the price of a chocolate bar and a can of pop. We have often been called in to reshoot work for companies who have fallen foul of the 'too good to be true' trap.

At the other end of the scale are the expensive video production companies. They can produce something close to Hollywood standard, but will leave you very little budget to help market it. Or you go straight down the middle and get a professional crew, director and editors, who know all the tricks of the trade to get you a TV quality video for a snip of the price. The key here is to do your research and vet the company. All of which should have a showreel to display their work, but take a look at the individual pieces, as a cleverly put together showreel can mask a whole heap of bad work with quick edits and foot tapping music. Listen to sound and framing. Look to see if the production makes sense.

So try avoid the YouTube Black Hole. Just because you upload a video to YouTube doesn't necessarily mean it will get viewed, and more importantly by the right audience. Clients often ask us to produce a video for the web, saying they plan to "put it on YouTube". That'll be one among 200,000 on any given day – not great odds for getting it seen, unless you've really got something worth seeing. http://bit.ly/cQRri3

Source: How To Make Online Video Work For Your Business www.reelseo.com

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