Well, music, in general, is very important to us.

Take it this way; everyone has a certain song that puts them in a certain mood. Maybe it’s that one song that brings back memories from your childhood or favourite movie.

Alternately, a song can make you feel sad, angry or any type of emotion!

This ties in with the point of this article. I was editing a video for a client when I realised I needed to start thinking about the music. At first I thought it would be an easy job but I was so wrong. You need to become the customer/audience to be able to understand what would relate to them and make them want to buy the product or service.

I thought about age, what I’m looking for in a product and what mood I’d be in.

After some research into the audience, here’s the customer profile I created:

  • Age: 50-70
  • Product: Luxury carpets, floors and blinds.
  • Keywords: Luxury, quality, ambience, calm, soft

After about 30 minutes of intense research and coming across rock, jazz and even funky holiday tracks I found the right one for the video. I listened to the music with my eyes closed and what I felt was what the video portrayed, a perfect match!

So when you’re next watching a video, any video, listen to the music track.

How does it make you feel, are you interested in the purpose of the video?