You probably don’t really think about it, but you watch videos every single day.

Whether it’s on the TV in the form of an advert, on your mobile and social media.

When marketers say “videos are the next big thing” or “videos are the best type of content”, they’re right. It’s already a part of your daily routine and you didn’t even realise.

In this article, we’ll be going through the latest trends for 2018 on how people are consuming videos and also, the science behind social videos.

Everyone takes in content differently on mobile, they scroll through feeds very quickly only stopping for the content that grabs their attention. Researchers found that people are actually spending more time watching videos on mobile than any other device.

Facebook says, “By 2020, 75% of all mobile traffic is expected to be video”

However, people are also watching ‘lean-back’ videos. These type of videos are long-form, perhaps 1-3 minute videos. You have to remember it’s still social media, which is fast-paced. Those who are watching longer videos are doing it whilst commuting or on their lunch break and this is where the science of social videos comes in. You need to think about what videos to post on your social accounts that your audience will engage with, and there’s no point in posting any old videos when you can follow this simple content guide and increase brand awareness the easy way.

Creative considerations for video on the mobile feed

  • Capture attention quickly and consolidate your message to 30 seconds or less. Shorter videos gain more interest as they’re a quick burst of interest to the audience. Also, because it’s such a short period of time they won’t get bored and click off.
  • Design videos for sound off, but make sure your sound in the video is of a high quality. People don’t tend to click on videos on their mobile phones, they’d rather watch with the sound off which is why most videos online now have subtitles. However, for those who do click on the video, ensure your videos are professional, make sure the sound is good by using a microphone and don’t film in a room that will make your voice echo.
  • Film for the platform – with new features on pretty much every social media platform, you may need to create your videos differently keeping in mind how they appear on the feeds. If you’re wanting to add a video to IGTV, you’ll have to film portrait whereas if you’re posting a video on Facebook or Linkedin, film landscape. Make sure you do your research before posting a video online.


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