It’s becoming easier and easier to just pick up your phone and record a video then post it on
all your social accounts. People don’t think about power words (I’ll explain what these are
later), what their background looks like or how to add captions to their videos. It’s simple
steps like the following that will boost your videos performance gaining you the best results
whether you use your video in an ad or just a regular post.

Here are the 4 simple steps you should consider when making a video:

– What your background looks like
– Adding captions to your videos
– What to say In your video – power words and scripts
– Landscape vs. portrait videos


Backgrounds can either make or break a video. If you have a busy background your audience
will be distracted and not focus on what you’re saying and that’s the last thing you want.
Remember the fiasco on BBC when Professor Robert Kelly’s kids casually walked into the
room where he was discussing the impeachment of South Korea's president? Here’s a

Some people use green screens in their videos and that’s really old school. You don’t need a
fake background and it’s a waste of equipment.

The best backgrounds are the most natural looking ones, or you can keep it real. If you’re
recording a video at your desk just make sure it’s tidy and no confidential documents are in
the shot. Perhaps move a plant to fit in the frame or get rid of any empty bottles or packets.

Also, a thing that will entice people to watch the video is if it looks ‘nice’. This may sound a
little weird but it honestly works. If the colours In your video compliment each other and
are on brand, people will recognise the video as professional.

Here’s are a couple of examples of background that work –



Adding captions to your videos

Viewers on social media are used to seeing text and video together. Adding captions to your
videos is a simple way to ensure everyone can consume the information without having to

click on the video. Social media has become so fast paced that users would rather read
captions on a video than actually click on it to listen. There are many platforms you can now
do this, if you have an iPhone, you can download the app ‘Clips’ and this will automatically
bring in captions for you.

What to say in your video – Power words?

Talking gibberish in a video is easy and anyone can do it if you’re serious about making high-
quality videos to share across your social accounts you need to think hard about the
content. Writing a brief script will help you when it comes to recording your video as it will
act as a guide. Power words trigger emotions in our brains, so it’s important to use the right
words that will entice your audience to watch more or take action.

You can use power words:

In your post use text that will support the video once you post it online.
– Use them in your headlines in ads. Figure out which words are the most
powerful in your video and use them in your text.
– Add them in your video captions
– The main question your readers will ask is “what’s in it for me” so make sure
you answer this before they even think of the question.

Landscape vs. Portrait videos

I’ll let this video do the talking…