Our work experience student Ebony created this video to help those who are starting out with videos. Most people just turn their phone on and start recording, these simple steps will make your video look professional.


Rule 1 – Always shoot in landscape. This means, turn your phone on its side and it will get rid of those annoying blurred boxes at the side of your video on social media. However, when you turn your phone to the side, the camera gets further away from your face so make sure you look directly into the camera and not at yourself. This will attract engagement and keep the audience watching for longer.

Rule 2 – Framing – always stick to a rule of thirds. This way, If you want to add anything to your video, for example, your logo.

Rule 3 – Make sure you have a simple background. If you have a busy background with people or objects moving about, the audience will be distracted and therefore will miss your message. If you want the audience to focus on you, make sure you stand in front of a well-lit simple background. You might want to invest in a backdrop for your videos if you’re planning on making lots.

Rule 4 – Natural light. By standing in front of the window, your face is well lit from natural light. If you use a lamp or a spotlight, it can create shadows on your face.

Rule 5 – Your audience needs to hear you. Your phone’s microphone is made to record sound when it’s close to your mouth, for example when you’re on a phone call. If your phone is on its side and the bottom of the phone is away from your mouth. By investing in a microphone it will cancel out background noise and focus on you. This will give your video a high-quality touch.

Rule 6 – Keep the phone steady. There’s nothing worse than watching a video and it goes all over the place because the person filming has a shaky hand. Either put your phone on something still or buy a selfie stick. This will keep your video steady and look more professional.

That’s it!

The 6 very simple steps for you to consider before filming a video on your phone.