Video – The Fear Factor

Most jobs throw up challenges on a regular basis, but how many of us have to deal with fear in our clients as an obstacle to getting the job done?

Scared, anxious, frightened, worried are all words that we’ve heard our clients describe their feelings about an upcoming video shoot, and it got us thinking, so we recently conducted a survey to find out what are the most common fears, and what you can do to combat them.

Now we’re not claiming any great scientific insight, or that all clients feel the same; rather we got confirmation of the top 3 things that run through our clients’ responses like Blackpool Rock., so in no particular order ….

“I don’t know what to say”.     Preparation is key, give some thought to what you want to say, and how you’re going to say it.  Think about what you want the viewer to know and keep it simple and on message. You talk about your business with enthusiasm and passion to everyone you meet, so think of it as more your side of the conversation.

“I’m worried how I’ll look on camera”.  This answer comes from both genders and is a genuine obstacle.  Our job is to make you comfortable and to get the best possible result for you. Make the most of yourself, dress in something you like yourself in, and remember, you look like everybody else on the planet, and it’s not about you, it’s about your message.

“I don’t want to watch myself”.   So long as you’ve got the result you want, you don’t have to watch yourself in the finished video, let it do the work for you. Remember, if you really don’t want to feature in your video, guess what you don’t have to, you can get someone else to do it, or use images and your voiceover, or animation.

With preparation and the right video partner fears can be managed, and a great end product produced.

As one of our clients said “Do it!.  I’ve had a previous bad experience with a film crew before, and Leagus were totally different. They  made it relaxed and fun, but professional”.